The Urban Stampede

The Urban Stampede is a race exclusive to The Stampede Race Series.  It is a 2-person-team race that is comprised of a city course covering approximately 5k-10k and utilizing several modes of transportation.  It is our very own Amazing Race Style with Survivor-esque challenges race.  Run or walk the course, it is your choice.  We could be throwing in bikes, roller blades, go-carts, busses or even zip lines, you never know.  Are you a Reality TV fan?  Many of those Reality stars you watch on shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother and countless other shows could be here to compete against or with you.  Yes, we said with you because for an additional fee, you can choose to race with a Reality Star, which really is the chance of a lifetime.

The course is never disclosed, and if you have raced it before, that won’t matter because it is ever evolving!  How does it work?  You will receive a clue with instructions to your first destination and must figure out where to go, how to get there and what you might have to do along the way.  Once you finally arrive at your first destination, you must complete the challenge assigned by the clues.  If you cannot complete the clue, you will be assessed with a time penalty.  Our Survivor-like challenges will range from physical tasks to mental ones, so be ready because getting sweaty and knowing puzzles are a must!  These challenges must be completed before the next destination clue can be received.  Once the challenge is completed or a penalty incurred, our Sheriff will give the next clue to the racers and you may continue.

The Urban Stampede is similar to the Emmy award winning show The Amazing race with local flair added in.

Click here to register and/or create your team for The Urban Stampede.

Race Day

Race day will consist of up to 20 waves beginning at 9am with start times every 30 minutes. Each wave will have up to 100 teams starting.  After finding a place to park downtown, make your way to our western town.  This is where you will get your registration packet.  Be sure to bring some extra cash for any passes you may need for the race (as detailed in the registration).  This could be buss passes specific to our race or licenses to drive special vehicles. You can relax around The Stampede Village where food, drink and music will make a lively setting to the urban landscape.  Again, there may be additional fees involved so be sure to check out the website and individual races before race day.

Arrive early so that you can stretch and get ready for the race.  Racers are called to the Post 10 minutes before every wave with our familiar bugler.  Once the starting gun goes off, teams will take between 2.5 hours for extreme Stampeders or 4 hours for those who are looking for a relaxing day walking through the city with a few challenges along the way.  If you have never seen the iconic history of Louisville, this race will enlighten you while also challenging you with some rich history of the city.  After racers cross the finish line, we will have water and fruit slices available. Mosey on over to the Stampede Village where you can talk with other racers, eat local food, drink your favorite beverage and listen to music.  This is the only race of its kind and will be one you are sure to attend for years to come.